Should Your Wedding Gown And Bouquet Be Of The Same Color

The bridal bouquet, like most accessories in a wedding, is a once in a lifetime frill that needs to leave sweet memories behind. Various opinions have arisen in the wedding circuit on whether or not a gown should match the bouquet.

While the most influential person here is probably the wedding dress designer, in most weddings the bouquet simply complements the entire wedding style or theme rather than just the gown. Actually, in many cases, wedding planners advise brides to visit florists after settling on a wedding theme and a gown type/color.

Conservative designers prefer a stunning wedding dress paired with a subtle bouquet, preferably of a different color. For example, white wedding dresses can pair-up with pink bouquets while light blue gowns can pair-up with white bouquets.

The rationale behind the stunning gown and the subtle bouquet comes from the emphasis on the bride as the jewel of the occasion. Having a bright gown draws attention away from the bride, the real flower of the wedding.

However, in recent times adventurous designers and brides have stretched the wedding theme concept to cover everything from dishes and decorations to vase flowers matching your wedding flowers on the bouquet. Wedding gown hues matching bouquets are becoming more common because they lend a unique sense of elegance to the wedding.

However, there is a limitation in this approach; the color in use needs to be cool rather than warm. Bright colors tend to drown everything out and make themselves the center of attention. Whatever the decision, some basic considerations will determine whether a wedding gown will match the bouquet or not.

The season on which the wedding day falls will influence the flowers available on the bouquet. Most flowers are not available all year round. The bouquet size will also affect the overall look of the bride and the gown. Small bouquets with cool colors work well with dazzling gowns while big, bright bouquets go well with plain gowns.

Finally, the florist needs to have the exact color of the gown for two reasons. First, with a piece of the gown material, he can show the variety of flowers appropriate for the dress. Second, if he has leftover strips of the gown he can use them as a chic wrap around the stems of the flowers.

Ultimately, when she walks into the bridal store, the bride is the final decision maker; what works for her and what will produce the most memorable occasion is what she probably will go with.