Wedding Flower Photography Session At Its Best

What began with a first date led to a once in a lifetime romance, that eventually led to a marriage proposal. Now it is time to plan your special day, exchange your wedding vows and become partners for life.

You’ll want all the unforgettable moments on that day to be captured by one of the best  photographers in the business, who is experienced, has proven expertise, and is highly talented. 

Unlike other wedding vendors, photographs are things you cannot smell, taste, see, or even taste first – you don’t actually know what you’re getting until after the event. That means you’ll need to carefully research and select one based on their artistic style, professional skills and personal demeanor.

Here are some steps to choose the perfect person for your wedding photography. 

Choose the right style. First, you’ll need to decide the type of photography style you’ll want; this will determine which kind of photographer you settle for.

Do your homework thoroughly. Begin your research by going through reviews from recent weddings, and carefully go through websites of potential photographers to checkout samples of pictures they’ve shot, this will give you an idea of their style.

Also check out their social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) for client feedback, and to see how they respond to clients.

Set up an interview with the potential choices. You can’t make this decision based on looks alone – you have to meet them in person. Call to see if they’ll be available on your wedding date. If they are not free, you can ask if they have a colleague they can recommend.

See some full wedding albums. Don’t choose a photographer solely based on what you see on their preview album or gallery.

Photographers tend to show clients their best pictures, all taken from different weddings, but that will not give you a good idea of their work. Ask to see a couple of full albums from real weddings or events they’ve shot.

Make sure you both bond well. The importance of bonding with your photographer cannot be underestimated. They should be good listeners and ask a lot of questions on how to best to satisfy you.

Next, you’ll want to consider the kinds of flowers you’ll use for your wedding. Imagine yourself walking down a beautiful garden, with every kind of flower; which ones will you pick for your wedding? The colorful? The rarest? The unscented? Or the most fragrant? Once you’ve made the decision, contact the florists around.

Flowers are very important, because they are one of the first images that flash through your mind when you think of weddings. You can either picture a gorgeous bride with a beautiful bouquet walking down the aisle designed with flowers, or see amazing colors at the reception. 

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