Useful Tips for Using Flowers to Decorate Your Wedding Limo

Everything about your big day should be magical. Right from your wedding cake to your wedding entourage. Nothing should be left to chance.

Everybody seems to have a hundred tips on the cake, buffet and even your wedding dress. Solicited or not that is. But nobody seems to have practical advice for decorating the wedding procession.

So, let us look at a comprehensive guide on how to decorate your limo/party bus using pretty flowersCheck with your limo rental service provider for restrictions. 

Before you get started you need to find out if your service provider allows for decoration and if so whether there are any limits to what you can put on your car.

Once you get the green light you can come up with the design. It is also a good idea to do this well in advance of your wedding. That way you can change the service provider if you find that their rules are too strict. 

Consider the design and color of your limo. Your flowers should match the cars you are using. If your cars have very mute colors like beige or cream then the flowers should match that as well.

You can use brightly colored flowers on brightly colored cars. If your vehicle has a vintage design your decoration style should also be vintage as well.

If you have a specific color or theme that you must absolutely stick to then just ask the party bus rental service to provide you with cars that will match your preferences. 

Use a lot of firm flowers. These flowers will be exposed all day to the sun, wind as well as the heat from the moving car. Those flowers can survive without water.

Your flowers as well as the foliage that supports them must be very sturdy. Try flowers with woody stems. Good examples of flowers are roses and hydrangea. Wild flowers also make strong outlines for your design. 

The flowers must also be as fresh as possible. A good idea is to have your florist deliver them on the morning of the wedding. Most florists also offer car decoration services as well, so they can do it in the morning. 

Do not be afraid to mix and match. You are free to use different flower types. Just make sure they complement one another. It is a good idea to include wild flowers in your mix, so that they can make the design sturdier. 

Get creative here. There are so many options here from lace to ribbons to whatever else you think would add some uniqueness to your design.

They ensure that your design does not look boring or old fashioned. You should, however, always ensure that your accessories as well as your design do not compromise the safety of both the passengers as well as other cars on the road. 

Do not obstruct the driver’s field of view. Keep the decorations on the front of the limo to a bare minimum making sure that they are as low as possible. You should also not cover the rear and side view mirrors as well.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you get to your destination in one piece.

Do not use material that will be difficult to remove. You must return the limo in good condition. Failure to do this will often lead to increased costs due to fines arising to breach of contract.

So you shouldn’t use tape on the car. Other things like confetti and sugar decorations should also be avoided since they do not clean easily. 

As you have probably noticed the quality of flowers you get can make or break your car decoration. You have to find reliable florist if you are going to pull it off. Let the flowers speak their own language on your wedding day.

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