How The Florist and the Caterer Work Together to Set the Mood of Your Wedding?

When it comes to organizing a wedding, there are countless things that the couple needs to take into account. At times, too much focus is placed on one specific aspect of the wedding.

However, it is important to try to ensure that every aspect complements other important aspects in one way or another, so that the event seems and feels as cohesive and as flowing as possible.

The wedding catering service for instance, needs to be complemented with the wedding flowers and the floral arrangements. Hence, both the caterers and the florists should work together so as to set a theme that binds these two important elements of the wedding together.

Seeing that your wedding flowers match the mood of your food is easier said than done. The starting point should be the type of wedding venue that the couple choose.

If the venue is a classical location, then it is important that the flowers complement its style. In such a case, there will be centre pieces which will work well in a traditional ballroom, as well as containers for the flower arrangements that are classical.

The flowers will then be selected in terms of the color and the theme that will best complement this setting. From neutral colors, to bright blooming arrangements, it is ultimately the couple’s choice.

However this same scheme of colors will be set off in the flowers, and it will then complemented by the buffet tables. The main color will be used for the main dishes.

Moreover, complementing colors in the ingredients that are used in the food prepared by the caterers will be chosen wisely so as to ensure that the color scheme is as flowing as possible in all respects.

This can also be further accentuated by the table centrepieces, as well as any other décor. The same concept can be used even if the wedding venue has a modern-chic style.

Rather than having classical décor, in such a case one will be able to use colors such as brushed silver and wrought iron for the floral containers and vases used for the flower arrangements.

Instead of relying solely on flowers, florists will also use succulents, single blooms as well as branches while creating the floral arrangements. Textural elements will also be incorporated in such cases.

In this case the dishes can be more colourful, and generally the wedding caterers will be able to use contrasting colors so as to strike just the right balance between the main color and theme, and complementing colors.

Naturally, it takes experienced and dedicated florists and caterers to manage to do this in a creative and inspiring manner.

Therefore it is important that the couple chooses wisely so as to ensure that their big day is a success in these critical aspects!

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