Flowers Matching Your Wedding Jewelry

There are a myriad of ways to incorporate your bouquets and flower arrangements into the overall theme of your wedding. You may opt to choose flower varieties that blend with your theme, pick flowers that go with your dress code or accessorize your flowers with objects that enhance your theme.

Well, another great way to accentuate your sense of style is to choose flowers matching your wedding jewelry. A few ideas should put you on the right track.

Bright colored patterns are currently very fashionable and a multiple-colored theme adds liveliness to any wedding. There are plenty of different color schemes to choose for your jewelry and that’s why Jewelry stores are selling more colored loose diamonds than ever before.

To complement the color scheme of trendy jewelry, look for flowers that come in a wide array of colors. Roses, tulips, mums and lilies are a few of the flowers you should consider.

If you’re going to keep it minimalist, with just about one or two pieces of jewelry, your bouquet and flower arrangements should be unstructured and relaxed. Aim for a fresh, natural bouquet with two or three main colors.

Flowers that harmonize with minimalist jewelry include garden roses, wax flower and veronica, just to mention a few. Try accessorizing the flowers with something simple to add a touch of glam while keeping everything elegant yet sophisticated.

Vintage style engagement rings or wedding rings will often go well with colors such as gold, silver, pale pink or dark reds. Spraying some leaves gold or silver can help you get a touch of gold or silver respectively.

For your flower arrangements, lookout for vintage vases and pots and throw in some celosia, roses peonies and or gardenias.

It helps to hire a wedding florist who can understand what you want. Check out their previous works and also do some online research to get some inspiration.

It’s easy to get flowers that are a perfect color match, but they don’t always have to be an exact match. The main idea is to complement the color scheme and or style of your jewelry.

Also bear in mind that choosing the right flowers will involve more than just selecting the theme/style and color of your jewelry. The type of flowers you choose will also shape the tone of your wedding.

Some flowers are elegant and timeless whereas others are more playful and contemporary. Florists are well adept with such factors and it’s important to describe your venue, dress code and other décor, so they can advise you accordingly.

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