Flower Ideas For Your Wedding Dance Party

Flowers can spice up every aspect your wedding. From a beautiful bridal bouquet to a festive arrangement at each table, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to showcase wonderful local flowers throughout the event.

Your wedding dance is no different. By choosing the right flowers for your wedding dance party, you’ll create an incredible event that will generate lots of good memories.

The type of flowers you’ll choose will depend on the location of your wedding dance. If you’re holding an event at a dance studio, for example, you’ll probably choose more indoor appropriate arrangements like floral columns or hanging pomanders.

If you’re outside (like at a park), consider garlands and a looser feel. You’ll create a much less “manufactured” atmosphere and let guests enjoy a more organic event.

When considering flowers for your wedding dance, be sure to clue your florist in early. This gives them a chance to steer you around any unforeseen obstacles.

Most flowers aren’t in season year round, so your florists can help you identify what types of arrangements are going to be fresh and inexpensive on your wedding date.

They can also help you match flowers to your dress, theme, or decor. Finally, they’ll be able to clear their own schedules well in advance, ensuring you’ll get the professional help you need in setting up your event.

Flowers don’t always need to be the center of your event. A well-chosen arrangement can serve as an accent to another part of your wedding like a cake.

This is especially true when it comes to choosing flowers for your dance. You want to create an atmosphere that enhances the beauty of your wedding without cramping the participants.

This is often accomplished with a series of smaller arrangements specifically chosen to accent the venue. Don’t be afraid to be non-traditional with your decor.

Some of the most striking wedding dances have utilized some unorthodox plants and flowers to make the event unforgettable. Potted plants, rustic arrangements, and even fern and moss can be utilized in the right circumstances to create an exotic wedding dance that somehow feels more intimate.

Consult with your florist to see what options are available in your area. By utilizing floral arrangements, you can make your wedding dance party extra special.

Fresh local flowers can make any dance studio or outdoor venue into a beautiful wonderland for you and your guests to enjoy. Your flowers will complement the theme of your event and the beautiful outfits you’ve chosen.

The result? A million perfect memories and pictures for you and your guests to share and cherish.