Flower Arrangement for Your Crawfish Wedding Dinner

Flowers are one of the most important design elements at your wedding dinner. Each year, the styles change a little bit, and an easy way to make sure that your crawfish wedding dinner feels fresh and up-to-date is to keep up with the latest ideas in floral design.

These are the hottest Cajun food restaurant wedding flower trends right now. The rising star on the wedding floral scene is the anemone. Round and feminine, not as formal as roses, the anemone is the trendiest wedding dinner flower this year.

It has many reasons to recommend it, particularly the wide range of bright colors available and the fact that it carries no scent which is great for brides with allergies.

What is really driving the popularity of the anemone for bridal bouquets and centerpieces right now, though, is the sensational variety which features white petals around a black center.

Black and white is all the rage right now for Cajun wedding dinner color schemes, from tablecloths and cakes to wedding gowns and custom bridal jewelry. The white anemone with the black center is the perfect flower for this elegant yet modern Cajun food restaurant color scheme.

A slightly more romantic version is the pale pink anemone with a black center. Whichever color your florists will prefer, the end result will be just as striking and gorgeous as your custom bridal jewelry. 

When it comes to decorating a crawfish restaurant for a wedding venue, the more flowers the better. This has led to another top trend, which is to use a single flower as an ornament on a napkin at the dinner table.

Choose a large blossom in a color which will either stand out against the napkin color such as a hot pink flower on an orange napkin or opt for a subdued tonal effect.

The wedding catering crew can also have the single flowers as ornaments on their dresses and suits. Since the flowers will be out of water for quite some time, choose blooms which can last for a longer time frame without wilting.

Good floral options include orchids, dahlias, and gerbera daisies. Floral wedding favors are also hot this year. Place a single blossom or two of your favorite flower and display it on the dinner table above the place setting.

If you like, you can also set a flat place card leaning up against each vase to show the guests to their seats. This will add a touch of class to your crawfish catering event.

The great thing about this flower trend is that the vases are a favor that your guests are sure to enjoy, and the flowers in them will add another layer of beautiful decoration to your wedding reception. Talk about a win-win wedding trend idea.

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