How The Florist and the Caterer Work Together to Set the Mood of Your Wedding?

When it comes to organizing a wedding, there are countless things that the couple needs to take into account. At times, too much focus is placed on one specific aspect of the wedding.

However, it is important to try to ensure that every aspect complements other important aspects in one way or another, so that the event seems and feels as cohesive and as flowing as possible.

The wedding catering service for instance, needs to be complemented with the wedding flowers and the floral arrangements. Hence, both the caterers and the florists should work together so as to set a theme that binds these two important elements of the wedding together.

Seeing that your wedding flowers match the mood of your food is easier said than done. The starting point should be the type of wedding venue that the couple choose.

If the venue is a classical location, then it is important that the flowers complement its style. In such a case, there will be centre pieces which will work well in a traditional ballroom, as well as containers for the flower arrangements that are classical.

The flowers will then be selected in terms of the color and the theme that will best complement this setting. From neutral colors, to bright blooming arrangements, it is ultimately the couple’s choice.

However this same scheme of colors will be set off in the flowers, and it will then complemented by the buffet tables. The main color will be used for the main dishes.

Moreover, complementing colors in the ingredients that are used in the food prepared by the caterers will be chosen wisely so as to ensure that the color scheme is as flowing as possible in all respects.

This can also be further accentuated by the table centrepieces, as well as any other décor. The same concept can be used even if the wedding venue has a modern-chic style.

Rather than having classical décor, in such a case one will be able to use colors such as brushed silver and wrought iron for the floral containers and vases used for the flower arrangements.

Instead of relying solely on flowers, florists will also use succulents, single blooms as well as branches while creating the floral arrangements. Textural elements will also be incorporated in such cases.

In this case the dishes can be more colourful, and generally the wedding caterers will be able to use contrasting colors so as to strike just the right balance between the main color and theme, and complementing colors.

Naturally, it takes experienced and dedicated florists and caterers to manage to do this in a creative and inspiring manner.

Therefore it is important that the couple chooses wisely so as to ensure that their big day is a success in these critical aspects!

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Personalized Tips to Plan Your Wedding Flower Photography Session

Choosing your wedding flowers is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning. But arranging for the lovely wedding flower photography session remains a fascinating thing for many brides.

You will want to take your portrait sessions in your full wedding day attire and makeup and of course your wedding flower. In the wedding flower photo sessions, you ought to choose a flower that matches your wedding colors.

The following tips will help you ensure your wedding flower photography session is a success. Your wedding photography locale should influence the floral decisions.

Opt for a venue that will make the flowers look like they belong there. If for example, the wedding photography sessions will be in a park or a botanical garden choose flowers that matches the area. You will make a big impression this way.

Take some time and figure out the venue where you will want to have your wedding photography session. With the help of your florist and your photographer choose a flower that will match the background from where you will be taking your photo sessions.

Most wedding flowers come in lots of colors. For instance, you might just say “roses” while you are thinking “pink roses”. It is important you be specific about what you would like for your photo sessions.

Choose flowers with colors that rhyme with the venue of the photo shoot outs. Think about your own style. Choose one hue that will match your palette.

If you are petite, do not let your flowers overwhelm you during the photography sessions. Ensure your flowers stand up to the ruffled skirt of the wedding dress. No matter the fashion choice you make, make sure your bouquet is not too heavy or too fragrant. 

Ensure you conduct a follow up discussion with your wedding photographer to hash out details like the venue, exact flowers, setup and breakdown costs of the photography sessions.

Have the photographer put together a detailed proposal of the wedding flower photography session of your wedding.

Remember to keep your guests in mind during the photography sessions. Do not let the flowers get in the way of the good time. Visualize the entire locale for your wedding flower photo sessions.

Choose a locale for your photo sessions that will bring meaning into your wedding flowers. You can even consider putting a memento of your loved ones who could not be there on your special day. Get set and let your wedding day be a memorable one.

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Bridal Dress Matching Your Wedding Flowers

It’s always nice to coordinate little details at your wedding. You’ll want everyone’s outfits to complement each other, a cake that goes well with the general decor, and a selection of great food that will leave all of your guests happy.

But what about your flowers? What’s the best way to match both your bridal bouquet and any other flowers to your wedding dress? Here are some tips you can use to find the perfect flowers for your big day. 

Even if you have a color or type of flowers in mind, pick out your wedding dress before you do any floral shopping. Having pictures of the exact shade of your dress can help find a perfect flower arrangement to match.

While your florist can always find a different shade or color of flowers, it’s much harder to have an entirely different dress made to match the flowers you’ve chosen. 

Your wedding dress designer and your bridal store play a great part in picking the perfect wedding dress. Color isn’t the only detail that matters. Both the style and shape of your dress can influence the arrangement of flowers that you choose.

Bridal bouquets come in all shapes and sizes. Knowing what kind of dress you’ll be wearing will help you choose an appropriate style that complements your overall look. One quick rule of thumb: make sure your bridal bouquet doesn’t hide the best parts of your dress.

The date of your wedding is set in stone well in advance. Unfortunately, many flowers aren’t available year-round. While it’s possible to find flowers out-of-season, they’re usually much more expensive and lower quality than they would be a few months earlier or later.

When you consult with your florist, be sure to ask about the availability of flowers on your wedding date. You’ll be rewarded with a vibrant bouquet of local treasures that won’t break the bank.

Your flowers will photograph very well, so be sure your photographer can take advantage of this. Have him or her snap plenty of shots with you holding your bouquet or with it in the background. You’ll generate lots of shareable memories of you looking beautiful on your big day.

By planning ahead and matching your bridal dress to your wedding flowers, you’ll add one more wonderful detail that will impress all of the guests at your wedding. Your wedding dress designer will also give you great suggestions.

Be sure to choose in-season flowers that match your dress in both color and shape so you can make the best impression and produce perfect pictures. With a little bit of work, you’ll have an incredible bouquet to complement your incredible wedding.

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Tips to Choose the Right Flowers That Match Your Wedding Jewelry

Flowers are at the center of most weddings, but it’s the attention to detail that works towards creating a memorable and breathtaking ensemble. This means paying attention to every detail, from the music that will be played to the design of your invitation cards.

But there’s also plenty of room to take it a notch higher: your choice of flowers should be matching your wedding jewelry. A few tips should help you get started on your journey to coordinating your bouquet of booms with your wedding jewelry.

You’ll want to find flowers that fit the color scheme of your jewelry, and the right florist will help you do that and more. It’s crucial to find an expert who understands your vision as he/she is the person who will bring it to life. You also need to match the mood of the jewelry with your engagement ring.

An expert will also provide professional input about the best type of flowers to use and help you make tough decisions such as choosing between lilies and garden roses. Ask for portfolios of previous works to get a sense of their style and specialties.

You can start by browsing photos of other weddings online. That will help you to develop a general sense of what you like and dislike.

Make notes of your floral preferences including colors, shape, style and texture so you can share with your florist. It also helps to familiarize yourself with some of the basic blooms.

There are plenty of flowers from which to choose, but you can narrow down your choices by thinking of them in terms of color. If you opt for fancy color loose diamonds, look for flowers that come in most colors such as roses, tulips, lilies, dahlias, mums and carnations.

Flowers such as anemones, peonies and hydrangeas have more limited color selections.

The flowers don’t have to be an exact match of your wedding jewelry, but try to choose colors that complement the overall color scheme.

Nonetheless, if you want the flowers to be a perfect match, try to be as accurate as possible when discussing them with your florists. Ask for pictures from your jewelry store or even use the actual jewelry so you can find the best possible match.

Find ways to match your wedding flowers with the overall style of the jewelry. For instance, vintage style jewelry works well with a wildflower arrangement.

White peony bouquets are quite popular for their ability to blend in with most styles and leave plenty of room for creativity. You can also personalize your bouquet by adding a special trinket or ornament. Don’t be afraid to play around with the colors.

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Flowers Matching Your Wedding Jewelry

There are a myriad of ways to incorporate your bouquets and flower arrangements into the overall theme of your wedding. You may opt to choose flower varieties that blend with your theme, pick flowers that go with your dress code or accessorize your flowers with objects that enhance your theme.

Well, another great way to accentuate your sense of style is to choose flowers matching your wedding jewelry. A few ideas should put you on the right track.

Bright colored patterns are currently very fashionable and a multiple-colored theme adds liveliness to any wedding. There are plenty of different color schemes to choose for your jewelry and that’s why Jewelry stores are selling more colored loose diamonds than ever before.

To complement the color scheme of trendy jewelry, look for flowers that come in a wide array of colors. Roses, tulips, mums and lilies are a few of the flowers you should consider.

If you’re going to keep it minimalist, with just about one or two pieces of jewelry, your bouquet and flower arrangements should be unstructured and relaxed. Aim for a fresh, natural bouquet with two or three main colors.

Flowers that harmonize with minimalist jewelry include garden roses, wax flower and veronica, just to mention a few. Try accessorizing the flowers with something simple to add a touch of glam while keeping everything elegant yet sophisticated.

Vintage style engagement rings or wedding rings will often go well with colors such as gold, silver, pale pink or dark reds. Spraying some leaves gold or silver can help you get a touch of gold or silver respectively.

For your flower arrangements, lookout for vintage vases and pots and throw in some celosia, roses peonies and or gardenias.

It helps to hire a wedding florist who can understand what you want. Check out their previous works and also do some online research to get some inspiration.

It’s easy to get flowers that are a perfect color match, but they don’t always have to be an exact match. The main idea is to complement the color scheme and or style of your jewelry.

Also bear in mind that choosing the right flowers will involve more than just selecting the theme/style and color of your jewelry. The type of flowers you choose will also shape the tone of your wedding.

Some flowers are elegant and timeless whereas others are more playful and contemporary. Florists are well adept with such factors and it’s important to describe your venue, dress code and other décor, so they can advise you accordingly.

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Flower Arrangement for Your Crawfish Wedding Dinner

Flowers are one of the most important design elements at your wedding dinner. Each year, the styles change a little bit, and an easy way to make sure that your crawfish wedding dinner feels fresh and up-to-date is to keep up with the latest ideas in floral design.

These are the hottest Cajun food restaurant wedding flower trends right now. The rising star on the wedding floral scene is the anemone. Round and feminine, not as formal as roses, the anemone is the trendiest wedding dinner flower this year.

It has many reasons to recommend it, particularly the wide range of bright colors available and the fact that it carries no scent which is great for brides with allergies.

What is really driving the popularity of the anemone for bridal bouquets and centerpieces right now, though, is the sensational variety which features white petals around a black center.

Black and white is all the rage right now for Cajun wedding dinner color schemes, from tablecloths and cakes to wedding gowns and custom bridal jewelry. The white anemone with the black center is the perfect flower for this elegant yet modern Cajun food restaurant color scheme.

A slightly more romantic version is the pale pink anemone with a black center. Whichever color your florists will prefer, the end result will be just as striking and gorgeous as your custom bridal jewelry. 

When it comes to decorating a crawfish restaurant for a wedding venue, the more flowers the better. This has led to another top trend, which is to use a single flower as an ornament on a napkin at the dinner table.

Choose a large blossom in a color which will either stand out against the napkin color such as a hot pink flower on an orange napkin or opt for a subdued tonal effect.

The wedding catering crew can also have the single flowers as ornaments on their dresses and suits. Since the flowers will be out of water for quite some time, choose blooms which can last for a longer time frame without wilting.

Good floral options include orchids, dahlias, and gerbera daisies. Floral wedding favors are also hot this year. Place a single blossom or two of your favorite flower and display it on the dinner table above the place setting.

If you like, you can also set a flat place card leaning up against each vase to show the guests to their seats. This will add a touch of class to your crawfish catering event.

The great thing about this flower trend is that the vases are a favor that your guests are sure to enjoy, and the flowers in them will add another layer of beautiful decoration to your wedding reception. Talk about a win-win wedding trend idea.

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Flower Ideas For Your Wedding Dance Party

Flowers can spice up every aspect your wedding. From a beautiful bridal bouquet to a festive arrangement at each table, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to showcase wonderful local flowers throughout the event.

Your wedding dance is no different. By choosing the right flowers for your wedding dance party, you’ll create an incredible event that will generate lots of good memories.

The type of flowers you’ll choose will depend on the location of your wedding dance. If you’re holding an event at a dance studio, for example, you’ll probably choose more indoor appropriate arrangements like floral columns or hanging pomanders.

If you’re outside (like at a park), consider garlands and a looser feel. You’ll create a much less “manufactured” atmosphere and let guests enjoy a more organic event.

When considering flowers for your wedding dance, be sure to clue your florist in early. This gives them a chance to steer you around any unforeseen obstacles.

Most flowers aren’t in season year round, so your florists can help you identify what types of arrangements are going to be fresh and inexpensive on your wedding date.

They can also help you match flowers to your dress, theme, or decor. Finally, they’ll be able to clear their own schedules well in advance, ensuring you’ll get the professional help you need in setting up your event.

Flowers don’t always need to be the center of your event. A well-chosen arrangement can serve as an accent to another part of your wedding like a cake.

This is especially true when it comes to choosing flowers for your dance. You want to create an atmosphere that enhances the beauty of your wedding without cramping the participants.

This is often accomplished with a series of smaller arrangements specifically chosen to accent the venue. Don’t be afraid to be non-traditional with your decor.

Some of the most striking wedding dances have utilized some unorthodox plants and flowers to make the event unforgettable. Potted plants, rustic arrangements, and even fern and moss can be utilized in the right circumstances to create an exotic wedding dance that somehow feels more intimate.

Consult with your florist to see what options are available in your area. By utilizing floral arrangements, you can make your wedding dance party extra special.

Fresh local flowers can make any dance studio or outdoor venue into a beautiful wonderland for you and your guests to enjoy. Your flowers will complement the theme of your event and the beautiful outfits you’ve chosen.

The result? A million perfect memories and pictures for you and your guests to share and cherish.

Flowers for Decorating Your Hotel Reception Venue

A wedding is a wonderful day for any couple. Two lovebirds are bound together by a lovely bond, which keeps them together forever. No doubt, no word can be used to define the feelings of the two.

Now it is the time to celebrate to share their joy with their friends, relatives and everyone close to them at the wedding reception.

What can you do to make you wedding reception a memorable one? How will you decorate the wedding reception hall? These are some of the questions which come into context before one starts dealing with wedding preparations.

Well, a plain and simple answer to these questions is to consult a wedding florist. Nowadays, wedding florists are available everywhere. Book yourself a wedding planner from the Internet or by visiting their offices.

These people will turn your simple marriage reception into a grand remarkable event by simply using flowers. Florists are well skilled in handling all sorts of flowers used in marriage functions.

These florists have expertise in decorating wedding receptions with great perfection. It’s also a good idea if someone prefers to decorate the hotel reception venue by himself.

However, one must take care of a few key points when choosing flowers for the reception. Keeping in mind the season of the wedding, the person must choose bright flowers for summer weddings and dull colored flowers for winter weddings.

In case of spring weddings, one can get different color combinations of flowers to decorate the hotel reception venue. Spice up the main entrance of the wedding venue with flowers and bouquets.

Set colorful lights and flowers in specific shapes and patterns or simply use the shape of the entrance gate. Arrange artificial objects, such as fountains or pools with floating candles beside the colorful flowers and lights,on the main stage and at the center of corridors.

Spread the magic of flowers all around the hall and reception stage along with a lot of colorful illuminations. 

If you are having a hard time deciding which flowers you want to use for your reception, it can be a good idea to go through your computer and see which type of flowers that you like the most.

You may be surprised that you like all of the choices and chances are you will find the perfect flower for your hotel reception venue.

Flowers have many meanings and are used for different purposes. If you are planning a wedding reception and you need to use flowers, it can be a good idea to get the flowers at your hotel reception venue done early.

You do not want to wait until the very last minute rush, and if you start your planning early, you will likely get the exact flowers you want at your hotel reception venue.

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Personalized Tips on How to Use Flowers for Decorating Your Wedding Limo

Are you looking for the best limo rental services from which you will hire your wedding limo? Or are you confused on how you will decorate your wedding limo to bring out the creativity sense in you? 

Limos are a very popular way to arrive at your wedding. Couples now understand that a decorated limo will be a luxurious glamour for their wedding.

Traditionally only the groomsmen decorated the wedding limo. But that is now changed. The bridesmaid and even the flower girls are welcome to help.

Since this is the perfect chance for you to bring out your creativity, you ought to choose something which will be fascinating. Flowers can do the trick perfectly. And that is why florists will help you make the best decision. 

For the choice of the flowers for decorating the wedding limo you will hire you need to choose expert florists. Unless you want your love to faint on the wedding day, you ought to choose flowers that are a preference to you.

Now if you are clueless about the flowers you could use to decorate your wedding limo, you can ask your lover about some tips or follow the tips given below.

Fresh flowers are always the best. It is true that fresh flowers will give charisma when used to decorate the wedding limo you hire. Having said that, it does not mean you use orchids or roses from the hood or trunk to decorate the limo.

Expert florists will help you tie a glamorous bouquet of the beautiful flowers on the hood. The florists will tie corsages on each handle of your limo. It will be beautiful. The florists will give you the perfect decorating ideas that you will love.

You can also opt for silk flowers. They will be classy for your weddings. Off white flowers and large heart-shaped wreath would be perfect for decorating the wedding limo. They will look stunning.

You can choose the right set of silk flowers of different colors. But it is best to stick to the red or cream for decorating your wedding limo. Besides, you can try semi-precious stones to go with the flowers of your choice.

In case you want a wedding limo for your wedding, try combining it with party bus rental services as well. This will make your wedding experience one to remember. The party Bus will ensure that the after-wedding party celebrations will be stylish.

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Useful Tips for Using Flowers to Decorate Your Wedding Limo

Everything about your big day should be magical. Right from your wedding cake to your wedding entourage. Nothing should be left to chance.

Everybody seems to have a hundred tips on the cake, buffet and even your wedding dress. Solicited or not that is. But nobody seems to have practical advice for decorating the wedding procession.

So, let us look at a comprehensive guide on how to decorate your limo/party bus using pretty flowersCheck with your limo rental service provider for restrictions. 

Before you get started you need to find out if your service provider allows for decoration and if so whether there are any limits to what you can put on your car.

Once you get the green light you can come up with the design. It is also a good idea to do this well in advance of your wedding. That way you can change the service provider if you find that their rules are too strict. 

Consider the design and color of your limo. Your flowers should match the cars you are using. If your cars have very mute colors like beige or cream then the flowers should match that as well.

You can use brightly colored flowers on brightly colored cars. If your vehicle has a vintage design your decoration style should also be vintage as well.

If you have a specific color or theme that you must absolutely stick to then just ask the party bus rental service to provide you with cars that will match your preferences. 

Use a lot of firm flowers. These flowers will be exposed all day to the sun, wind as well as the heat from the moving car. Those flowers can survive without water.

Your flowers as well as the foliage that supports them must be very sturdy. Try flowers with woody stems. Good examples of flowers are roses and hydrangea. Wild flowers also make strong outlines for your design. 

The flowers must also be as fresh as possible. A good idea is to have your florist deliver them on the morning of the wedding. Most florists also offer car decoration services as well, so they can do it in the morning. 

Do not be afraid to mix and match. You are free to use different flower types. Just make sure they complement one another. It is a good idea to include wild flowers in your mix, so that they can make the design sturdier. 

Get creative here. There are so many options here from lace to ribbons to whatever else you think would add some uniqueness to your design.

They ensure that your design does not look boring or old fashioned. You should, however, always ensure that your accessories as well as your design do not compromise the safety of both the passengers as well as other cars on the road. 

Do not obstruct the driver’s field of view. Keep the decorations on the front of the limo to a bare minimum making sure that they are as low as possible. You should also not cover the rear and side view mirrors as well.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you get to your destination in one piece.

Do not use material that will be difficult to remove. You must return the limo in good condition. Failure to do this will often lead to increased costs due to fines arising to breach of contract.

So you shouldn’t use tape on the car. Other things like confetti and sugar decorations should also be avoided since they do not clean easily. 

As you have probably noticed the quality of flowers you get can make or break your car decoration. You have to find reliable florist if you are going to pull it off. Let the flowers speak their own language on your wedding day.

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