Bridal Dress Matching Your Wedding Flowers

It’s always nice to coordinate little details at your wedding. You’ll want everyone’s outfits to complement each other, a cake that goes well with the general decor, and a selection of great food that will leave all of your guests happy.

But what about your flowers? What’s the best way to match both your bridal bouquet and any other flowers to your wedding dress? Here are some tips you can use to find the perfect flowers for your big day. 

Even if you have a color or type of flowers in mind, pick out your wedding dress before you do any floral shopping. Having pictures of the exact shade of your dress can help find a perfect flower arrangement to match.

While your florist can always find a different shade or color of flowers, it’s much harder to have an entirely different dress made to match the flowers you’ve chosen. 

Your wedding dress designer and your bridal store play a great part in picking the perfect wedding dress. Color isn’t the only detail that matters. Both the style and shape of your dress can influence the arrangement of flowers that you choose.

Bridal bouquets come in all shapes and sizes. Knowing what kind of dress you’ll be wearing will help you choose an appropriate style that complements your overall look. One quick rule of thumb: make sure your bridal bouquet doesn’t hide the best parts of your dress.

The date of your wedding is set in stone well in advance. Unfortunately, many flowers aren’t available year-round. While it’s possible to find flowers out-of-season, they’re usually much more expensive and lower quality than they would be a few months earlier or later.

When you consult with your florist, be sure to ask about the availability of flowers on your wedding date. You’ll be rewarded with a vibrant bouquet of local treasures that won’t break the bank.

Your flowers will photograph very well, so be sure your photographer can take advantage of this. Have him or her snap plenty of shots with you holding your bouquet or with it in the background. You’ll generate lots of shareable memories of you looking beautiful on your big day.

By planning ahead and matching your bridal dress to your wedding flowers, you’ll add one more wonderful detail that will impress all of the guests at your wedding. Your wedding dress designer will also give you great suggestions.

Be sure to choose in-season flowers that match your dress in both color and shape so you can make the best impression and produce perfect pictures. With a little bit of work, you’ll have an incredible bouquet to complement your incredible wedding.

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