6 Best Florists in Houston, TX

Ace Flowers Houston

Ace Flowers HoustonAce Flowers Houston is accredited by the BBB and has an A+ rating. This of course is because at Ace Flowers Houston, they provide the top of the line flowers that you would expect from a professional business. Their customer service is great, as well as their prices which are straight forward and competitive. If you’re looking for valentine day flowers, or wedding flowers they’re always glad to help you out. They work with every occasion so never feel too shy to give them a call. They deliver flowers as well, which can save you a lot of hassle.

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Loki Florist

Loki FloristLoki Florist is a member of the Teleflora network. Which means that they have a professional business with great customer service, as well as a real knowledge of flowers. All of their staff are extremely helpful, so if you’ve never bought flowers, they’ll be more than glad to help you out. The flowers are always fresh when delivered, so you never have to worry about the quality, they’re also all inspected by the expert florists to ensure that you get the right flowers that you need for your occasion.

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Lexis Florist

Lexis FloristLexis Florist is different from most other florist businesses around. Lexi Florist offers a real personalized touch, as all of their floral designs are designed by their experts. They offer true customer support, meaning that when you call for a request you will be able to talk to the actual designer of the bouquet. The beset part? The flowers are hand delivered to your requested location, meaning that you don’t have to worry as they sit in a box that they have been shipped in. It also adds a much more professional and personal touch to their business.

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Heights Floral Shop

Heights Floral ShopHeights Floral Shop is a well-known local Houston Tx. Floral shop. Their attention to detail sets them apart from their competition, as well as the dedicated service to their clients. Heights Floral Shop has a bouquet for just about everybody, so if you need flowers for a wedding, or just as a thank you gift they’ll be able to help you out. The other great thing is that they are family owned, which allows them to give a level of service that most other flower shops are unable to give. So if you’re in Houston and looking for a floral shop, this is probably the one for you.

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Blomma Flowers

Blomma FlowersBlomma Flowers is a well known flower shop located in Houston. They offer flower services as well as other unique gifts that are perfect depend on the occasion. While they are a local shop they also provide worldwide deliveries. This is because their amazing service has allowed them to expand out to a global level. The best part about Blomma is the fact that they are close by. Which means you get the service of a local shop, as well as the price of a shop that competes globally.

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WestHeimer Florist

WestHeimer FloristWestHeimer Florist is a family owned flower shop that has been around since 1963. They’ve been able to stay around for so long, mainly thanks to their commitment to providing great service, being friendly, as well as being prompt. They provide unique arrangement for every special occasion. This means that if you need a good custom arrangement, these would be the people to talk to. They have three different locations, so go ahead and check out which one is closest to you, you won’t be disappointed in what you find.

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